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My latest “Cult Beauty Order” // Haul


Haul Cult Beauty

Little I loved to see what was hidden in the handbags of mom, my grandmother … growing up “Haul” and “What’s in my bag” videos have become my favorites.

I am curious to see what people are buying! And if this is your case too, I welcome you to my little Cult Beauty haul.

This website is my Kryptonite … I always find something to buy! Even, when I do not need anything. This order is part of one of  my (too) frequent moments of weakness, with always a good excuse, .. this time, “it’s my birthday month, … you are never better served than by yourself ”

I doubt that the excuse is sufficient, but the outcome remains the same. I ended up with a new order  …


In my order, there is as much skincare as makeup. I fell in love with the new Orgasm collection by Nars, precisely two of the four new versions of the brand’s renowned blush. Starting with “Endless Orgasm“, a palette that can be used everywhere, on the lips, eyes, cheeks … The pigments has a creamy texture, they blend perfectly into the skin, and the pigmentation is unreal ! I also fell for the “oil-infused Lip tint” (Click ici to see it on the lips), very discreet and natural.


Ameliorate,Transforming Body Lotion“, I discovered the brand recently by following the instagram story of Cult Beauty, I was immediately intrigued to read so many positive reviews for a body cream! I use it for only two days and I am already starting to see a difference in the appearance and softness of my skin. I have been suffering from Keratosis Pilaris since I was very young, and this cream is supposed to improve (and/or totally eradicate) the effects of this skin condition. Obviously the effects will not be felt immediately… between 2 and 4 weeks. I can not wait to see the result in the long run! The only downside, I can not stand the smell … I saw that on  Ameliorate.com they had a fragrance-free version, I already know that I will take the latter in the future!

Ameliorate, Intensive Foot treatment” I also wanted to test the foot cream of the same brand, bye to the cracked heels and dry skin … I already used as a mask overnight, the next morning my feet have never been so soft! A must for this summer …


And last but not least, “Summer Fridays, R+R Mask” , I’m already a fan of the famous “Jet Lag Mask” but I think it became my favorite in one application! The skin is soft, and radiant … and the scent is divine! I still have to try the mask “Overtime” … Should I place a new order ? …




A très vite, Céleste xx

By Céleste, on June 19, 2019
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