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Be Dior. Be Pink / Dior Addict Stellar Shine


Dior’s new ultra-shiny lipstick “Dior Addict Stellar Shine” is hard to escape, it literally took social media by storm. A vibrant, shiny, pink storm.

The Advertising campaign”Be Dior. Be Pink” is as usual a beauty. Cara Delevingne as the muse, “Pink” by Aerosmith as the soundtrack, add New York City to the equation, I’m already in love ! … You can see the video on youtube

The Packaging of the classic “Dior Addict Lipstick” has been slightly revisited… The Dior letters adorned in a metallic Pink for the occasion. I already love the original packaging, but more Pink is always better.

Now, let’s talk of the Formulation: “At the heart of the lip shine formula are five fine, ultra-sensorial oils selected for their exceptional glide, shine, nourishment, comfort and softness. Encapsulated in natural beeswax, these oils release shine, nourishment and comfort immediately and throughout the day. The intense shine is boosted by tone-on-tone pearlescent micro-pigments that reflect the light and create a stellar shine like no other.” I have been using the lipstick (in 260 Mirage btw) and indeed not a sign of dryness on my lips. Which is always the case if I use lipstick everyday for a week. I specify that during that week I did not apply lip balm, To stay has objective as possible.

The Finish, as you can tell by its the name “Dior Addict Stellar Shine“, the shine is Stellar. The finish of a gloss, and the comfort of a balm… difficult to do better, for me anyway ! The Pigmentation is definitely there, I noticed that it tends to varies depending on the colors. The shade 260 Mirage for example will be more discreet than 612 Sidéral, for the hue as for the pigmentation. If your looking for a Vinyl type of Liquid Lipstick, then it will obviously not suit you,.. but if you like Sheer lipstick like me, look no further, here is your Holy Grail !

If I had to choose only three colors, It would be Mirage, CD-Dream and Sidéral… But I love them all !

And you, Are you more of a Nude, Pink, Red, Metallic … type of girl ? 


Je vous embrasse, Céleste xx


By Céleste, on April 3, 2019
  1. Clara b, April 04, 2019.

    Beautiful colors ! Love your pictures so much !

  2. oh beaut, May 08, 2019.

    Coucou !
    Le packaging est magnifique et les teintes sont sublimes, j’adore le rose,
    Merci beaucoup pour cette découverte.
    Bisous !